Come What May


His lead guitar works is searing, at times giving hints of Carlos Santana as on the slithering “How Much Is Too Much” and gives a hip 50s calypso tilt on “Tell Me Why.” Cumpian’s harmonica is a howling wind, as on the hilarious “Viagra Falls” and wails with Kostakes on “Is It Ever This Hard.” Nights at the local VFW are delivered on the two stepper “Come What May” and the rhythm team bends and snaps like Reese Witherspoon on “There’s Only So Much a Man Can Do.” Does this cd come with a two drink minimum? 

George W Harris   -


The title track “Open For Business” opens the album, … [and] you can hear that this is going to be a true blues album, one based in the rich hues of the tradition. Harris’ voice is gritty and  … conveys the blues and emotion all the same …. The lyrics are playful and witty and the melody memorable.  

“Is It Ever This Hard” is a bluesy number that borrows from the funky sounds of the 70s …. Harris turns up the heart with his melody and the band is off to the races with solos, starting with the impressive slide work of Harris. His slide work has good intonation, tone and feel, as he milks out all the emotion from his guitar. 

 Shannon Smith  -


The instrumentation is lively and it is worth listening to the song multiple times just to hear the way the guitar and bass work together. The effect is masterful and helps to make ["Open for Business"] … one of the most memorable ones on the album. 

In its own way, “Before We Turn Out The Light” makes the blues come to life in a manner … [that] succeeds on its nuances and the bigger sounds that might encourage dancing in people given to doing so …. He is forthright and earnest in his  lyrical expressions. The lyrics and the way Harris brings them to life make audiences think of what inspired the song. Also, the organ, as a showcased instrument and as a part of the ensemble, sends a throaty vibration throughout the song. 

While all 14 songs are worth listening to, the two mentioned here, plus “Viagra Falls” are musically interesting and sometimes funny. 

Dodie Miller-Gould   -


“If Not” is a blues shuffle that will make all the traditionalist feel at home ….  His lyrics are interesting and sung with a raspy blues voice. Harris fingers a bluesy solo that has emotional bends and blues drenched single notes. Binder and Terson keep the mojo steady and that allows Harris to dig into his solo and pay homage to the legendary greats. Harris has many talents, a virtuoso instrumentalist, a musician that can sing with a poignant blues feeling and compose music that expresses the pain and redemption of life. All three of those elements can be heard on “If Not.” 

Harris’ approach to the blues is in service of the song, not just the soloist.  His melodies are well-crafted and have a broad-based appeal lyrically. 

 Griff Stevens  -


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